A selection of photographic series and projects.

Hellre bonde än jordbrukare

Hellre bonde än jordbrukare (A farmer rather than a producer) is a project about
the farming community in the Swedish-speaking areas of Finland.

Hellre bonde än jordbrukare (A farmer rather than a producer) tells the story of fourteen farmers in photographs and text. Their ages and circumstances vary and they work in different areas of agriculture. Despite difficult circumstances, they all share a love of agriculture and the daily routines on the farm.

The aim of the magazine is to portray the reality of being a farmer in Finland with a specific focus on food production. In the interviews, the farmers describe what they do so that the reader (the consumer) may get an idea of what it takes to produce the food we buy in shops and supermarkets. By shining the spotlight on farmers, the magazine puts a human face on farming.

The magazine with pictures by Kasper Dalkarl and Swedish texts by Ebba Håkans can be purchased at (in Swedish).

Alice In Wonderland

The series is a playful dive into the world of fashion photography.

The project started as a tribute during the 150th anniversary of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. In March 2015, the series was published as a ten-page spread in the Italian fashion magazine Pellicce Moda, which was received very positively at the Mifur exhibition in Milano where it was presented for the first time.

Since then the series has been exhibited several times in Milano, and in several galleries in Finland. Part of the series is also in the permanent collection at K.H. Renlund Museum in Kokkola.

Kasper Dalkarl, Stephanie Blomqvist and Johanna Överfors collaborated with fur designers from Centria University of Applied Sciences in Pietarsaari, and carefully restyled clothes made by Centria to suit the different characters from Lewis Carroll’s tale of Alice in Wonderland.

Photographer: Kasper Dalkarl
Assistant photographer: Johanna Överfors
Production designer: Stephanie Blomqvist
Make-Up: Niina Rahko and Hanna Paajanen
Styling: "CatVon" Jay Snellman
Clothes: Centria - University of Applied Sciences
Crowns: Ina Nordberg
Pubished in Pellicce Moda March 2015


Avaritia means greed, avarice, and rapacity. The series consists of six photographs that reflect humankind’s negative impact on nature combined with words that describe the qualities needed to solve the overarching theme of this exhibition—waste.

Avaritia is a collaboration between Kasper Dalkarl and Stephanie Blomqvist. The working title was eco fashion, which is quite a good description of the series. The models are wearing clothes designed and made by Stephanie. She has upcycled plastic bottles, plastic sheeting, waxed canvas, metal caps, and other materials that are discarded on a daily basis.

Allegiance - Humankind and nature need to coexist to move forward.
When did we start going our separate ways?

Conservative - We have to discard old conservative ways of thinking and find new solutions. Can we afford a life of self-indulgence without giving a single thought to the legacy we are leaving to future generations?

Synergy - To coexist with nature, we have to understand that we are part of a greater whole, something greater than the individual. What do we have to do to start working with, rather than against, each other?

Thoughtfulness - The pace of everyday life is becoming faster and faster, but a single moment or a thought can have great significance. What can you do to help?

Wisdom - Ignorance is easy, especially in the face of big decisions. Making the right decision requires wisdom, patience and respect. We live in a world where pollution is constantly rising as we discard stuff without a thought. What is the real cost of your new purchase?

Zealous - As individuals, each of us faces obstacles. Yet, we must find the courage to stand together when we see problems that affect everyone. Who and what will you fight for when your home is no longer there?

Photographer: Kasper Dalkarl & Stephanie Blomqvist
Design: Stephanie Blomqvist
Makeup: Tekla Sundqvist
The project was funded by Svenska kulturfonden

Refugee Crisis

In 2015, I travelled from Finland to the island of Lesbos together
with the journalist Ann-Sofi Berger and the Nada Nord humanitarian aid team.

In November, I travelled together with Ann-Sofi Berger, a journalist at Österbottens Tidning in Jakobstad, and the Nada Nord humanitarian aid team to Lesbos in Greece. Ann-Sofi and I had been commissioned to shadow Nada Nord for an extensive reportage on their work. The main goal was to provide more insight into the situation on Lesbos. Both Ann-Sofi and I knew that we wanted to publish a story about individuals and their backstory, rather than a story about anonymous people passing through.

Here you can read more about what we experienced on Lesbos:


A selection of my work for various newspapers and magazines.

Wedding Photography

A selection of wedding photography.
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A selection of my works with video.


A portrait should tell a story! I always aim to create photographs that are as close as possible to the finished product during the photo session and without the aid of Photoshop or postproduction editing.

My name is Kasper Dalkarl. I am originally from Helsinki, Finland, but I am now based in Malmö, Sweden. I work with clients all over Scandinavia and in many parts of Europe on small and large projects.

I am passionate about turning the photo shoot into an experience where I collaborate with the client and my co-workers to create visually striking pictures that also feel real.

I specialise in portraits and commercial photography, but I also do wedding photography, editorials, photojournalism, concerts, events, and fashion photography. As well as still photography, I also produce video for promotional trailers, music videos, and other commercial productions. The fact that I am also a guitarist with a strong background in music is a valuable asset for this type of work.

In 2017, I was awarded a Bachelor’s degree in Culture and Arts/Photography from Novia University of Applied Sciences in Finland. However, I have been working as a freelance photographer since 2014.

In 2015, I was on Lesbos in Greece, where I did the photographs for an award-winning reportage on the refugee crisis there. My series Alice in Furland was published in the Italian fashion magazine Pellicce Moda in 2015 and has also been exhibited at Milano Moda. It is now part of the permanent collection at K.H. Renlund Museum in Kokkola, Finland.

In 2018, Svenska Lanbrukscentralen, the association that looks after the broader interests of the Swedish farming community in Finland, published my photo essay Hellre bonde än jordbrukare (A farmer rather than a producer) with texts by Ebba Håkans. The magazine tells the story of the day-to-day lives of fourteen farmers in Finland.

I am interested in all kinds of commissions and professional work. I thrive on challenges, so feel free to contact me about your project and together we will find the best solution for you.

You can download my CV below.


For general or work inquiries, please send me a message below. You can also reach me by phone at +358 44 287 6302 or by e-mail at