Hellre bonde än jordbrukare


Hellre bonde än jordbrukare (A farmer rather than a producer) tells the story of fourteen farmers in photographs and text. Their ages and circumstances vary and they work in different areas of agriculture. Despite difficult circumstances, they all share a love of agriculture and the daily routines on the farm.

The aim of the magazine is to portray the reality of being a farmer in Finland with a specific focus on food production. In the interviews, the farmers describe what they do so that the reader (the consumer) may get an idea of what it takes to produce the food we buy in shops and supermarkets. By shining the spotlight on farmers, the magazine puts a human face on farming.

The magazine with pictures by Kasper Dalkarl and Swedish texts by Ebba Håkans can be purchased at http://bonde.slc.fi/ (in Swedish).


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